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Red Beet Recommends: Jesse Lafser

Red Beet Recommends: Jesse Lafser

Raised On the Plains, the latest album from Jesse Lafser.

Check out the "Jack Hat Blues" video premiere on Rolling Stone.

"Lafser’s stories come at you one after another, like the white dashes on a highway passing you by but, somehow, still remaining." - Kelly McCartney, The Bluegrass Situation
"Lafser has a unique and raw balance of western folk sounds that are as blue as the Sea of Cortes...Her vocals are genuine, the music is simple and purposeful." - Ear to the Ground

"In terms of songwriting, Jesse Lafser writes circles around most people in this town. That’s saying something, because this town is Nashville." - Wells Adams, WRLT Lightning 100


For more information, visit jesselafser.com

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